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January 2022

  • Alessandra and Vincenzo's paper on the flow synthesis of azetidinium salts in highlighted in Synfacts. Read the commentary here.

  • At the Fondazione Bracco stand (Italian pavilion) at EXPO Dubai, a video displays the catalysis and flow chemistry activities going on in our lab in Milano.


December 2021

  • Congrats to Maria, Martina, Giuseppe, and Gabriele, who successfully defend their MSc theses.

  • Group dinner and post-dinner drinks in Milano.

October 2021

  • Congrats to Alessandro and Enrico, who successfully defend their MSc theses.

  • Gianvito is featured as one of the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Investigators. Read the interview here.

September 2021

  • Mark Bajada and the lab work on single-atom catalysis is featured on the Polimi website. Read the article here.

July 2021

  • Our recent work on Ni-based single-atom catalysts selected for the front cover of Solar RRL! The article is now also featured on the journal collection of hot articles on 'Carbon, Graphite, and Graphene' materials.

June 2021

  • Alessandra and Vincenzo's abstracts on flow chemistry and single-atom catalysis accepted for oral talks at the ECCE&ECAB 2021, a joint EFCE & DECHEMA event.

May 2021

  • The research of the lab is featured on the Alumni Politecnico di Milano.


April 2021

  • Gianvito receives the prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship award by the Humboldt Foundation, a leading German foundation which every year promotes international cooperation between excellent scientists abroad and scholars from Germany.

March 2021

  • The group welcomes Martina, Gabriele, Alessandro, Maria, Enrico, Eleonora, Francesco, Matteo, and Giuseppe, who start their master theses with us! Excellent students with lots of ideas! Stay tuned - hopefully their work will lead to new publications!

  • The exam session is over. Gianvito receives the student evaluation of his first class, ranking high on the scale! Among the free comments, "an injection of novelty in teaching methods and topics!"

February 2021

  • Vincenzo Ruta joins the group as a PhD student!

  • Dr. Mark Bajada, from the Reisner Lab at the University of Cambridge, receives the prestigious Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship from the European Commission and will join the group as a postdoc!

January 2021

  • Alessandra publishes her first work.

  • Gianvito gives a department seminar at the University of Stuttgart.

December 2020

  • Gianvito is nominated early-career advisory board member of 'ChemCatChem'.


October 2020

  • Gianvito is nominated early-career advisory board member of 'Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification', the flagship journal of Elsevier on Process Intensification, and the only fully endorsed by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering.

September 2020

  • Gianvito starts teaching Materials and Process Intensification at Politecnico di Milano. It is the first class on Process Intensification at our university. 54 students join the class.

  • Gianvito is invited at Trieste Next, the Italian major scientific festival, joining Dr. Stefano Patuanelli (Italian Minister for the Economic Development), Dr. Diana Bracco (CEO Bracco), and several other leading Italian scientists, to talk about innovation in chemical and materials engineering. Link

August 2020

  • Gianvito participates at the collection "10 voices for 10 years" organized by Fondazione Bracco, and is interviewed to talk about circular chemistry.

July 2020

  • On the occasion of the 10th-year anniversary of Fondazione Bracco, Corriere della Sera, Italy's major and most read newspaper, and several other media (Il Giorno, Tecnelab, Il Sole 24 Ore, Sodalitas, Gazzetta del Salento, and  NuovoQuotidiano) feature the research work of our group.

May 2020

  • Alessandra Sivo joins the group as first PhD student! 

April 2020

  • Goodbye to Carola Romani who leaves the group.

  • Gianvito is invited by the World Economic Forum to join the Chemical and Materials working group, together with previous members from the University of Oxford.

  • Gianvito and colleagues at Politecnico di Milano jointly curate the World Economic Forum Transformation map for the Chemical and Materials industry. Link to the map

March 2020

  • Leonardo Mineo and Massimiliano De Maron start their MSc theses with us!

February 2020

  • Our first continuous-flow reactor arrives. We are very excited to start doing chemistry!

  • Carola Romani joins the group as a trainee for the next three months.

December 2019

  • The group is established in Milan, thanks to the generous funding from Fondazione Bracco, Bracco Imaging, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Milano. Gianvito moves back to Italy after 10 years abroad, between Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Gianvito Vilé
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