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Dr. Gianvito Vilé

Group Leader, Principal Investigator

Gianvito is a chemical engineer and is heading the group. His research combines methods across areas of chemistry and materials science to design innovative catalysts and catalytic technologies for sustainable applications. He also teaches Materials and Process Intensification at Politecnico di Milano.

Dr. Mark Bajada

Postdoc, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow

Marc is a postdoc. He studied chemical engineering and received a PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK. He joined in May 2021 and is now developing novel single-atom catalysts for electrochemical applications.

Alessandra Sivo

PhD Student

Alessandra studied chemistry. She joined the group in May 2020 as a doctoral student. Funded by a pharmaceutical company, she is developing continuous-flow catalytic methods and processes for application in green pharmaceutical synthesis, merging catalysis with microreactor technology and flow chemistry.

Vincenzo Ruta

PhD Student

Vincenzo studied chemistry. He joined the group in January 2021 as a doctoral student. Partially funded by a pharmaceutical company and partially by Politecnico di Milano, he is working on the circular recovery and conversion of "waste" chemicals for chemical applications, integrating aspects of catalysis and flow chemistry.

MSc thesis students

Chiara Basano

Daniela Dardano

Edoardo Vittorio Pasini

Giuseppe Marino

Paola Piscioneri

Vittoria Granata